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When I started vaping I fell in love and knew I wanted to never smoke again and I wanted to learn as much as possible. Then I discovered building coils. When I did that I saw other builders selling a set of coils for 25 to 30 dollars before shipping. I was blown away by that and I said to myself, I cant afford that kind of money for 2 coils. So that's when I started building my own and trying new things. Long story short, I started sharing them with some friends and they loved them and they told me I should sell them. Well after a long debate, I did just that and now im doing what I love to do. I take pride in my prices, quality, and customer service. You dont pay for the name attached with the coils. I push myself to bring the best products I possibly can at the most affordable price available. To this day we have so many people who will use nothing but our coils. These coils last 4 to 6 months if well maintained with very simple steps taken in the cleaning process. I also started a facebook group to help people get the best build suited for them. At the end of the day the money is not the most important thing, it is what the customers experience and the satisfaction they achieve from these coils and they feel they got what they paid for and much more.

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